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YES-Athletics is the membership program for Youth ENDURO Sports, Inc. Liability insurance is available through YES-Athletics for running activities that are organized by school coaches (or PE teachers) as “open activities for student members. “Open activities” are those that are not provided (or funded) by a local school system. The activities must be open to all students in the appropriate grades who live in the service area. (Fees and expenses will apply for some local “open activities”.) Coverage is also available for local youth clubs attending the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships” meet. For details on availability of coverage for this meet, click below: CCCNYC Coverage Member Clubs - Non-Member Clubs - Unattached ENDURO USA Accounts - - - Clubs/teams that have individual YES-Athletics members must have a “Coach of Record” that maintains a current ENDURO USA account that is upgraded to an option that contains one or more of the following rosters: --- Track & Field (boys/girls) -and/or- Cross Country (boys/girls). There is a $15 or $25 annual account administration fee for ENDURO USA accounts that upgrade to the “Coach of Record (YES-Athletics meets)” option. IMPORTANT: The club’s “Coach of Record” will provide Club Parents with an “Alternate Login” so parents can process Parent Authorization and Membership fees online. - - - Therefore, there is no need for Club Parents to have individual ENDURO USAaccounts. YES-Athletics Membership Year: August 1st to July 31st of the following year. Please note: If payment is made for a YES-Athletics (Individual) membership during July, that membership or account will expire on July 31 that same year. Refunds will not be processed for accounts or memberships unless an administrative error was made by YES-Athletics.
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